Shin Savers


Shin and Foot Guard Protection

The Best New Personal Protection Work Gear!

Finally a solution for extremely hot weather, working in shorts, and wearing light colored khaki uniform pants!

Light weight, Inexpensive, Easy on and off Protection for all types of outdoor and heavy equipment jobs.  Perfect Shinguard and Foot Protection that’s Field Tested, Expertly Designed, Superior Quality to Other Industry Products for Similar Use and Comparable and/or Cheaper to Other Products in the Market Offering Less Protection

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If you are under 5’4″ select this option for a shorter length (height). Shin Savers should end just below the knee.

If you have thin calves and ankles, check this customization option.


Shin Savers Save Your Shins From:

  • Scratching, Bruising, Lacerations, Thorns, Debris, Sharp Objects, Sweepings from Walls, Patios, and Sidewalks
  • Weed Whacker String, Brush Cutting, Hedge Trimming, Stone Work, Splitting Logs, Clippers, Trimmers, Chainsaws, High Speed Pressure Power Washer
  • Excellent For Masonry Work to Shield from Stones, Rocks, Cement Blocks and Log Splitting Projectiles

Shin Savers Allow You to:

  • Wear Shorts While Working Outside In the Heat
  • Keep Grass Out Of Your Shoes in Very Heavy Brush and Briar Conditions

As for Cleaning Your Shin Savers…

  • Easily Keep Dirt Out of the Car and the Home
  • Quickly Hose Off the Shin Savers within Minutes
  • Just Simply Store Them Away for Your Next Location

Orders and shipment to be received within the United States Only

Thank You and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing your reviews after you receive and use our New Shin Savers!


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Additional information

Weight 1.375 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 6 in
Product Attributes

Wear shorts while working outside in the heat and keep grass out of your shoes.

Shin Savers provides coverage to guard shoe laces from water during power washing. There's a removable clip-in industrial strength elastic to maintain the shoe cover in place. An extra pair of elastics is available for purchase at a reduced price when ordered with the Shin Savers and at regular price should they be needed down the line.

As for Cleaning Your Shin Savers…
Easily keep dirt out of the car and the home by quickly hosing off the Shin Savers within minutes . Just simply store them away for your next location.

Adjustments can be requested and made to elastic straps' length for those under 5'4" or simply more "petite" by nature as well as modifications to the height so that it fits comfortably under the knee.

Commonly Used For

Operating Outdoor Power Equipment ∣ Landscaping Conditions such as Heavy Briar ∣ Masonry Work ∣ Home Gardening

Examples include but are not limited to:
Weed Whacking, Lawn Mowing, Hedge Trimming, Turning Soil, Cutting Wood and Splitting Logs, etc.

Protection From

Protect from high speed pressure of a power washer and the sweepings from walls, patios, sidewalks, and other objects.

Scratching, bruising, and lacerations from thorns, debris, sharp objects, and other projectiles in the outdoors.

Shield from stones, rocks, cement blocks and log splitting projectiles.

Preserve your shoes and pants from cement dust, wood shavings, logs, branches, grass, etc.


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